Posted by UaN on January 31, 1999 at 11:24:54 PT
This is my letter of Thanks to the Taxpayers!
I sent this to my local newspaper, but figured that all Americans should have the opportunity to read my thank you note for all the taxpayers in America!
THANK YOU NOTE FOR TAX PAYERS!!This is my thank you note to all of you taxpayers out there. My husband and I have worked hard all of our lives. Both of us started working at around 16 years of age. I have worked in resturants, bars, shoe stores, dept. stores, and I have spent the last 10 years as a court reporter. My husband has worked in gas stations, sign company, and spent 20 years working in the coal mines until he was laid off. Then he went back to a non-union mines and was hurt and was disabled and still goes through surgery, he has had 4 already and will probably have at least 2 or 3 more before he dies. We have 2 children, son 18 and daughter 16. Other than my husband's disability, we are on no medications for high blood pressure, nerves, etc. My son will start to college this fall on a scholarship which consists of paying for half of his tution. And hopefully my daughter will recieve at least that much of a scholarship, but if she doesn't then that's OK. Because you will be paying for it.You know, we spent years worrying about paying for their education and now the court system has made sure that you, the taxpayer will foot the bill for their education. And for that I want to thank you. Of course, it has been rough gettin to this point, but I guess I now see the benefit of being busted for smoking marijuana. My children get a FREE education. Thank you!!!We were, of course, ready to pay for it ourselves without all of your help, but since the state police have decided to create criminals, by using criminals, my husband and I have become just that, criminals. We have smoked marijuana since way back in the early 70's, and contrary to belief, we still worked hard and raised our children. We had always been kinda private people because we have always liked smoking a little pot after work. Neither one of us have been much on drinking or going and getting prescription drugs to relieve stress. But smoking seemed to take care of our stress and relax us pretty well. And we had always functioned normally and had our priorties in order. I know the government wants everyone to believe that we are a bunch of "Lazy Ass Pot Heads," but sorry to disappoint them, but we were not lazy or doless or irresponsible. At least till they decided to use a drunk driver to bust us and destroy what we had worked 25-plus years to have. They had busted this drunk driver, who was a friend of ours, whom we were pretty worried about because they had gotten him twice drinking and driving and carrying weapons in his truck, running from them, obstruction and numerous other charges. So, he came to us telling us that he needed to get away from the alcohol and wondered if we would help him out and get him a little pot to smoke. He thought that it might curb his want and need for alcohol, and we believed it might help too. So we did what he asked. Well, to our surprise he was working with the WV State Troopers (such a proud bunch) and was wired 3 different times when he asked for some pot. We have worked all our lives and never felt the need to sell marijuana, but we tried to help him out. Afterall you can't buy it at the local 7-11 and he was also a friend (good one too).So, now, we are convicted felons, my career was ruined, I went to jail, was taken away from my kids for 1 month, put on home confinement for 2 months (which had to be paid for), I have to work for free as my community service, my husband is in jail now, he is disabled and they are working him in the jail, his knee, which is what his surgery has been on is in terrible shape, he has 2 more months to do and then they want him to do 650 hours of more free work as community service, we had to get lawyers, pay our regular bills, not to mention that our children were still in high school and we had all of that stuff to pay for too, which now, at this point, they don't get to do much and most of the time do without. God Bless them, because they don't complain about it, they blame the state police and the ratt/narc and don't understand why the courts had to totally destroy their parents over something that is not as dangerous as alcohol, cigarettes, caffine, prescription drugs, etc. So, now, we have nothing and they still want more, they want to piss test constantly so they can catch you and throw you back in jail again. I guess the county makes money when the taxpayers pay that $40 per day rate for the incarceration. By the way thanks for that too. So, I have thought long and hard to understand what good could possibly come from all of this and now I children get a free education and I don't have to work anymore. So, I just wanted to thank all of you hard working people for this free college education that you-all are paying for. Now, if I was you I would resent paying for the education of children whose parents were hard working, basically law-abiding people. I believe I would be lobbying at the legislature for things like this to change. Unless you can prove that someone is a "Drug Dealer" and not just someone helping out a friend, then don't destroy their lives and put the cost of things on the tax-payers, like the cost of being in jail for a non-violent crime. This is the reason that we see so many repeat offenders of violent crime back out doing the same crime all over again. And using people like the drunk driver to bust normal people like us, making ratts out of them (confidential informants is the term the system calls them, but we all know what they really are). The drunk driver was never put in jail and had almost all of his charges dropped against him. He never spent any time in jail and was never sent to alcoholic rehab. to help him. He is still flying up and down the roads drinking and driving. Yours and my kids are out there too, and the system doesn't care that he may kill one of them because of this. Now, I watch my ratt and if he ever wrecks and kills someone I will speak out and make sure that whoever he hurts or kills knows that the system put him back out there to repeat his crime again. But just imagine how many will not be watched and be known to have been used by the wonderful West Virginia State Police as ratts. I, on the other hand have never been one to fly up and down the road intoxicated. I liked to smoke a joint when I got home and relax. I never worked high, I am a responsible person, which is a wonder after all that I have been through. It is a wonder I am not as disgruntled as a postal worker has been known to be.People in this state need to do something about this kind of tactics that the system uses. This is not going to rid the country or state of drugs. All this does is take normal people and turn them into criminals. Which means that you pay$$. I know that no one must read the articles that I post on this message board, but please read this one. I know it is kind of sarcastic, but maybe you will get my point here. We wanted to send our children to college on our own or have them given scholarships. We never wanted it to come out of your pockets, but this is just one way that the system is screwed up. If you feel the same way about the system, then email me and maybe we can start working on making a change in this state.Thanks for taking the time to read this.  
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Comment #7 posted by ANON on April 19, 2000 at 09:06:01 PT
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Comment #6 posted by STAN DUP on February 02, 1999 at 13:43:01 PT:
if u will post your "land" address, i would like to pledge $10.00 towards RECTIFYING this tragedy. and i will ask that everyone else that reads this post do the same. SPREAD THE WORD to help this family.  we MUST take care of our WOUNDED so they too may revel in our coming VICTORY !
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Comment #5 posted by rdelamancha on February 01, 1999 at 11:52:40 PT:
UaN, you are a victim of a system gone wild. frontline on PBS recently had a show about how the justice department (oxymoron eh?)uses snitches to bust people in return for lighter sentences and or money. unfortunately, you and your family are victims of a system that is hell bent on turning the usa into a prison state. fact: the usa has the highest incarceration rate in the world. fact: the largest growth industry in the usa is the prison industry. scary but true. the atlantic monthly recently published an article on the "prison industrial-complex" it is worth reading. you can read it at i read more, the more disillusioned i become. the dea and justice department have created a big business of which they are a part of. the bigger they get, the harder it'll be to achieve justice. their ears are closed sealing in their ignorance. our government is so two-faced. alcohol, tobacco and caffeine are all legal. all of them can be toxic yet cannabis is NOT toxic and our brain has receptor cells that are built in to process thc.the truth will set us free!peace,rd
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Comment #4 posted by Rainbow on January 31, 1999 at 17:32:10 PT:
Thank you for.......
Actually it is a War on People not Drugs. Our gov't is still not able to understand that we the people are the owners of the system. will the tea be spilled in the Boston harbor again?
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Comment #3 posted by FoM on January 31, 1999 at 11:57:45 PT
You Go Girl!
UaN! You go girl! Keep up the good work! Keep telling people how horrible these laws are! This is the only way people will understand and see what it is doing to good people and their families! 
FoM's Freedom Page!
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Comment #2 posted by tigger on January 31, 1999 at 11:57:33 PT:
your letter UaN 
UaN my heart goes out to you i know how it works when they put me away for 2 years i was sure that it was over . but thanks to a loving and strong wife i am still here for her and the kids and to this day the draw backs from being arrested for marijuana have linguring effects . but i refuse to give in to the system. from my heart hang on we need you and zz and the kids.PLEASE PEOPLE HEAR OUR SIMPLE PLEAS LET GODS PEOPLE AND HIS PLANT BE FREE........TIGGER 
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Comment #1 posted by tess on January 31, 1999 at 11:46:04 PT:
UaN...nice letter...really speaks the truth just hope lots of people read it.....take care
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