Some Pa. Republicans Want To Legalize Marijuana

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  Some Pa. Republicans Want To Legalize Marijuana

Posted by CN Staff on May 21, 2020 at 20:41:36 PT
By Sam Wood 
Source: Philadelphia Inquirer 

Pennsylvania -- There’s a gaping budget hole caused by an economy in tatters. There’s growing voter support and some assurance that the issue is no longer political poison. And there are tax windfalls, potentially huge revenues to be gleaned, if a bill can win bipartisan support in Harrisburg.For those reasons, some Republican lawmakers in Pennsylvania are coming around — if slowly — to the idea of legalizing marijuana for adult recreational use.
The reasons are not hard to discern.Since the start of the coronavirus pandemic, the state has lost almost $4 billion in tax revenue. That gap is only growing bigger. The Independent Fiscal Office last month warned taxpayers to be prepared for a “significant reduction” in essential services.Meanwhile, states with legalized recreational marijuana are reaping major tax revenues.Illinois, with a population similar in size to Pennsylvania’s, has raked in more than $10 million a month in taxes and fees since it legalized weed for adult use in January. Last year, Nevada collected $99 million; Oregon, $102 million; Colorado, $302 million; Washington state, $390 million; and California, $635 million.And with New York, New Jersey, and Maryland also considering legalizing marijuana for recreational use, the Keystone State risks losing cannabis sales to its neighbors.For a state where tax receipts total more than $35 billion, the additional tax collections from marijuana alone would not solve the budget problem, but they could help the state’s fund-starved schools, or repair crumbling roads and bridges. For courts and prisons, legalizing would wipe out the cost of prosecuting marijuana-related offenses.Until recently, Republican lawmakers in Pennsylvania have uniformly avoided talking about legalization. The state’s legal medical marijuana program, in operation for more than two years, has been touted as an unqualified success by many of the same GOP legislators. But until this month, they have been unified in their opposition to recreational sales.Faced with deficits larger than those seen during the Great Recession of 2008, some of the GOP’s more pragmatic legislators are giving it new consideration.State Sen. Dan Laughlin (R., Erie): “Given the pandemic and the fiscal problems that the state is facing, people who may not have formerly considered recreational marijuana as a revenue generator may be brought to the table."“Given the pandemic and the fiscal problems that the state is facing, people who may not have formerly considered recreational marijuana as a revenue generator may be brought to the table,” said State Sen. Dan Laughlin (R., Erie), who may be the first of the Republican caucus to talk openly about it.“I fully believe that recreational marijuana is going to be one of the pieces of revenue that is certainly discussed in the budget cycle. It absolutely will be,” said Laughlin, who is up for reelection in November. “I’m not a big fan of marijuana, but I also know there’s not a kid or adult in America that couldn’t find a bag of weed if they wanted it.”Until this month, Democrats monopolized the issue, led by Gov. Tom Wolf, Lt. Gov. John Fetterman, State Sens. Daylin Leach (D., Montgomery) and Sharif Street (D., Phila.), and State Rep. Jordan Harris (D., Phila.). Without Republican support, their efforts have gone nowhere.State legislators are unlikely to raise income and sales taxes, said State Sen. Tom Killion (R., Chester), especially with so many Pennsylvanians struggling economically — more than 1.8 million Pennsylvanians have filed for unemployment benefits in the past nine weeks.And there are few things the state can do to raise new revenue.“A hole of $4 billion may be a very conservative number,” said Killion, who is on the ballot this year. “We won’t know what the real damage will be until after July 15.”Lawmakers will have to weigh program cuts. Schools could be among the hardest hit.“It’s a whole new world here. So everything is on the table,” Killion said.“Historically, there’s been a few people pushing for recreational marijuana use, but never a groundswell in the [Republican-controlled] House and Senate,” Killion continued. “I can tell you as a member of the Appropriations Committee, it’s nothing we’ve talked about yet. But this time around, you’re going to hear everything discussed.”Public opinion appears to support legalization.More than 60% of likely voters are in favor of legalizing adult-use cannabis, according to a study released this month by Republican pollster Harper Polling. Surprisingly, nearly 54% of voters who consider themselves “very conservative” or “somewhat conservative” support full legalization.“Adult-use cannabis has made more rapid growth in becoming accepted by the mainstream than people had previously thought possible,” said Brock McCleary, president of Harper Polling. “And it could generate a substantial amount of money that doesn’t cause pain or angst among voters.”More importantly to GOP legislators facing reelection, the issue has ceased to be a certain loser.“It’s important that Republicans not [be] offended in a way that would have them vote against members of their own party,” McCleary said. “That’s partly due to a coalition of voters with a libertarian strain of thought that come at this from a different point of view.”Only 9% of Pennsylvania Republicans would vote a candidate out of office if they supported a bill that would allow for taxed and regulated cannabis, according to Harper Polling.“It won’t be held against them. It’s not an issue like guns or abortion,” said Charlie Gerow, a conservative Republican strategist who is the CEO of Quantum Communications in Harrisburg. “A significant part of the population won’t be excited about it, but definitely could live with it, especially considering what we’ll be facing with this budget.”It could be only a matter of time before more Republicans decide to make legalization a Republican issue, Gerow said, as the potential tax revenues become increasingly more attractive.“It’s inevitable, so why not get ahead of the curve and do it now,” Gerow said. “The tax dollars will have more leverage if legislators move to legalize it sooner. What’s keeping them back?”Source: Philadelphia Inquirer, The (PA)Author: Sam WoodPublished: May 20, 2020Copyright: 2020 Philadelphia Newspapers Inc.URL: Inquirer.Letters phillynews.comCannabisNews -- Cannabis Archives 

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Comment #17 posted by gloovins on June 01, 2020 at 07:02:51 PT
It has been probably over 20 years, since 1998 or so I have been on here. Love it! Love cannabis too. I live in LA but wow is it crazy lately. The uprising re: George Floyd is long overdue. I know its controversial, but I believe all drugs should be taxed and regulated as I do not believe I have the right to tell you what you can or cannot put in your body. Also, if you want to do cocaine/meth/heroin/mdma I would rather have you get taxed, pure regulated product than untaxted, unregulated possibly lethal product. You would also end world wide global narco terrorism too. Peace to all. 
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Comment #16 posted by Storm Crow on May 31, 2020 at 03:17:38 PT
Harry Anslinger! Forgot the "n" in his name! 
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Comment #15 posted by Storm Crow on May 31, 2020 at 02:55:41 PT
What I once read....
There are 3 major players in cannabis prohibition. And all three of them were connected by racism and greed.Harry Ansliger was one of the government prohibitionists and a rabid racist. After alcohol prohibition ended, he was out of work. Outlawing cannabis provided a way to keep him employed and have an excuse to suppress and imprison minorities. It was an easy sell to politicians- racism was far more acceptable back then.(Look up his quotes!)DuPont saw hemp as the only viable threat to to his new synthetic fiber, nylon as ropes for ships. The contract with the Navy alone was HUGE! So just plain old corporate greed was on his mind, plus some racism.Hurst was a timber baron who owned a newspaper. Hemp paper is far superior to wood pulp paper, which is why it was used in Bibles. Hemp paper was a threat to his pulp paper industry, and those racist, "Reefer Madness" stories sold papers like hotcakes!So racism and money is what was on their minds!  
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Comment #14 posted by Hope on May 30, 2020 at 10:11:15 PT
I know cannabis is a good plant. A gift from God and many people have known that for eons. It has many benefits to many people and creatures of the earth.A historical fact I'd like to know is who the person was that was responsible for the first prohibitions of the plant. I have to wonder why and what they were thinking.
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Comment #13 posted by Garry Minor on May 30, 2020 at 07:31:04 PT:
Cannabis was used in ancient Israelite ceremony
When the Arad shrine was excavated in 1963-1965, it was transferred to the Israel Museum. In 2007-2010 the archaeology wing of the of the museum was renovated, sparking a renewed interest in the shrine. These changes encouraged the new analysis of the organic material found on the alters with the hope that improved techniques would give greater understanding to the materials used, and perhaps the rituals performed at the time. A very small sample from each shrine was taken and preserved in aluminum foil. To ensure true results, minimize the possibility of cross contamination during the processes, sampling was independently repeated and analyzed both at the Technion-Israel Institute of Technology and at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Givat Ram.The well preserved residues sheds new light on the use of Arad altars and on offerings in Judah during the Iron Age. 
Researchers were surprised to discover the cannabis found on the altars. Arad provides the earliest evidence for the use of cannabis in the Ancient Near East. Hallucinogenic substances are known from various neighboring cultures, but this is the first known evidence of hallucinogenic substance found in the Kingdom of Judah. It seems likely that cannabis was used at Arad as a deliberate psychoactive. researchers need to dig a little deeper,Kaneh Bosm 
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Comment #12 posted by Storm Crow on May 30, 2020 at 01:14:29 PT
Need a little relief from today's news? 
If you enjoy ancient cannabis history, this just came out, and that's 8th Century BC, not AD. Eighth century Jews burned cannabis as part of religious ceremony, researchers discover the study- 
Cannabis and Frankincense at the Judahite Shrine of Arad. 	(Israel) (full – 2020) 
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Comment #11 posted by Hope on May 24, 2020 at 14:05:07 PT
Gloovins. Hey! Good to see you.
I got to thinking how long have you been commenting at Cannabis News. I didn't find the first yet but searching, I ran on to this interesting article and great comments from eighteen years ago.Dionne Warwick's Charges Dropped in Plea Bargain
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Comment #10 posted by FoM on May 24, 2020 at 05:24:02 PT
I hope you are staying safe and having a pleasant weekend. I removed it as soon as I saw it this morning.
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Comment #9 posted by gloovins on May 23, 2020 at 22:58:52 PT

Hemp farmer link all, hope everything and everybody is doing as well as can be.FoM can you take the 1st post down, my email is in it cause i havenet posted in awhile and I forgot it displays it, thanks.
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Comment #7 posted by FoM on May 23, 2020 at 14:19:42 PT

Leonard Cohen - Anthem (w/lyrics) London 2008
I love this song. It gives me hope!
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Comment #6 posted by FoM on May 23, 2020 at 14:14:49 PT

I think Trump has done so many things wrong and insults and fires people if they so much as buck him on anything practically isn't how a Democracy works well. Biden will surround himself with good people and he will listen to them and learn from them. That is important.
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Comment #5 posted by Hope on May 23, 2020 at 10:38:51 PT

It's true...
"Obnoxious and self serving and rude". He is one of those that likes to spurn manners and social graces as being "politically correct". "Creepy Uncle Joe" is difficult for me, too. Vincent. as much as I dislike the choices, I will probably vote. I've always voted. 
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Comment #4 posted by Vincent on May 23, 2020 at 09:04:43 PT:

I know that choosing the lesser-evil is sometimes difficult, but in this SAVE the country, it may be necessary. If you don't vote, then that is a default vote for "president" Trump, inarguably the absolute WORST person to sit in the Oval Office.
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Comment #3 posted by The GCW on May 22, 2020 at 16:05:30 PT

They elude to one important fact...
#1.  Cannabis sales are happening EITHER WAY. PEOPLE ARE NOT GOING WITHOUT CANNABIS. In FACT, most citizens who use cannabis are MORE likely to make sure they have the GOD GIVEN GREEN PLANT (AS DESCRIBED ON THE 1ST PAGE OF the Bible) to get through this STAY AT HOME life.!.
-If the state wishes to not collect taxes, SO BE IT but know sales are not declining due to prohibition!.!Eluded:
“I fully believe that recreational marijuana is going to be one of the pieces of revenue that is certainly discussed in the budget cycle. It absolutely will be,” said Laughlin, who is up for reelection in November. “I’m not a big fan of marijuana, but I also know there’s not a kid or adult in America that couldn’t find a bag of weed if they wanted it.”#2.  The large LARGE majority support ending the devil law. The whole concept of caging humans for using what God indicated He created and said is good (ON THE 1ST PAGE by the way) is only good for satan, the devil, evil or what have You. BAD JUJU folks.-only dim witted numskulls think that's ok anymore!.!But, I'm biased.And other thing. RE-legalized cannabis sales, at least here in COLORADO is considered ESSENTIAL.ESSENTIAL!.!MEANING-----------The Green Collar Worker
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Comment #2 posted by FoM on May 22, 2020 at 13:51:08 PT

I think Biden will learn since most Democrats are on board with legalization. I can't take much more of Trump so I will vote for Biden. He is so obnoxious and self serving and rude. Too much for me.
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Comment #1 posted by Hope on May 22, 2020 at 11:50:10 PT

the misery of choosing the lesser of two evils....
Joe Biden Says ‘I Know A Lot Of Weed Smokers’ To Justify His Opposition To Legalizing Marijuana's got to give. I can't vote for Joe Biden. I believe he's a bad man. In his way, worse than Trump. He had years to do right and he didn't. He did wrong... over and over again. Dang. Dang. Dang.
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