Galbraith for Governor!

Galbraith for Governor!
Posted by FoM on July 01, 1999 at 20:17:21 PT
Source: MSNBC
Frankfort Hemp activist, libertarian and self-proclaimed maverick Gatewood Galbraith began his third campaign for governor Thursday under a new party banner and encouraged by the success of Jesse Ventura in Minnesota.
Galbraith will run under the banner of the Reform Party, which nominated him last week. Having the imprimatur of the Reform Party will let Galbraith avoid having to file a petition as an independent, which he said could have given the opportunity for mischief and challenges from the two major parties.   Republicans and Democrats received Galbraith’s barbs during a morning announcement ceremony in the Capitol Rotunda which drew only a few curious onlookers and no television coverage.   Galbraith said voters were tired of the “donkey-elephant patty-cake game,” a reference to the animal symbols of the Democratic and Republican parties, respectively.   Galbraith has chosen Kathy Lyons, a Murray archeological technician, as his running mate. Their slate is different because, “on this ticket, the lieutenant governor has a voice,” Galbraith said.   Galbraith is a familiar sight on Kentucky’s ballot, though always before as a Democrat. He lost a campaign for agriculture commissioner in 1983, his first statewide race, to David Boswell. He was last in a four-person race, but it was his best showing by far. He received 43,137 votes, which was 11.5 percent of the total.   Galbraith finished last in a four-person race in 1991 for governor with 25,034 votes, 5.2 percent. He did slightly better in a five-person race in 1995, finishing fourth with 29,039 votes, 8.6 percent of the total. Paul Patton won that nomination.   John Longmire, chairman of the Kentucky Reform Party, said Galbraith shares the party’s view on important issues like international trade, improved ballot access and initiative and referendum, which allows people to pass laws by effectively bypassing the General Assembly.   Gov. Paul Patton, who was unopposed for re-election within his own party, downplayed the significance of a Galbraith candidacy on his own campaign.   “I’ll let the other candidates speak for themselves,” Patton said. “I’m certainly taking this election serious.”   Galbraith said country singer Willie Nelson will once again stage a concert for his campaign’s benefit later this year. Galbraith said it was “premature” to say Ventura or Texas billionaire H. Ross Perot whose own presidential campaigns prompted creation of the Reform Party would campaign on his behalf.   Galbraith said Ventura’s surprise victory over mainstream party candidates last year showed voter displeasure and encouraged his run. “He proved that a vote for a third party was not a wasted vote,” Galbraith said.   But a spokesman for Ventura did not return telephone calls Thursday seeking the Minnesota governor’s reaction to Galbraith.   Galbraith, who first drew attention in his 1983 race by advocating the legalization of marijuana, said he still says it should be legal for medicinal use, but not recreational use. Galbraith said he has used marijuana recently, but has a prescription for it from a California physician to treat asthma.   Even with the prescription, though, Galbraith may be tempting law enforcement authorities in Kentucky. The attorney general’s office and Fayette County Commonwealth’s Attorney Ray Larson, where Galbraith lives, said they know of no exemption in Kentucky law that would legalize possession of marijuana for any use.   Patton, a Democrat and Lt. Gov. Steve Henry are overwhelming favorites for re-election. Republicans failed to field a strong candidate, or any candidates below the top of the ticket.   Political novice Peppy Martin, a Hart County publicist, barely won a two-person GOP primary with running mate Wanda Cornelius, a Taylor County school board member.   Martin said she expects Galbraith to get less than 5 percent of the vote in November. “I think it’s well known among the voters of Kentucky that he has some strange habits,” Martin said.© 1999 Associated Press. All rights reserved. 
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Comment #2 posted by FoM on July 01, 1999 at 20:42:18 PT:
Gatewood Galbraith The Last Free Man in America 
Gatewood Galbraith Kentucky attorney; life-long crusader for liberty and human dignity; one of America's leading hemp / marijuana advocates; won 9% of Democrat Primary votes for Governor in '95 with a $20 thousand campaign against 3 opponents who spent $5.4 million); arrested for protesting the United Nations theme of Lexington, Kentucky Fourth of July parade.The Campaign for Kentucky '99 - "Outside" politics in the Bluegrass as the Millenia rushes to an end. Gatewood picks Kathy ... will Kentucky ever be the same?Click the link below to visit Gatewood Galbraith Home Page!
Gatewood Home
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Comment #1 posted by FoM on July 01, 1999 at 20:37:08 PT:
Galbraith & Lyons 99 -The Petition Drive is On!
Gatewood Galbraith and Kathy Lyons have announced their intention to run for Governor and Lt. Governor in the 1999 Kentucky Gubernatorial Election. They will be running on the Independent ticket -- independent of the major parties which have become increasingly blind to the problems of common folk, independent of the big money special interests which have polluted the electoral process, and independent of the corporate influences which have robbed the people of their government.Click the link to visit their web site!
Galbraith & Lyons 99 -The Petition Drive is On!
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