Invasive Drug Searches by Customs

Invasive Drug Searches by Customs
Posted by Ron Bennett on December 03, 1998 at 17:10:06 PT
another reason not to fly...
U.S. Customs are accused of being racist their search for drugs according to an article by the Associated Press. More interesting is that out of the 49,592 searches, only 27% were found to possess illicit drugs. Why were the other 73% searched...
Here's some interesting statistics from the article:Frisked...105 (9%)Patted Down...47,021 (4%)Strip Searched...1,772 (25%)X-Rayed...675 (35%)Cavity Search...19 (63%)Notice how many international flyers were searched compared to the number who actually possessed illicit substances. Makes one wonder if customs is on a which hunt or just very bad at picking out people transporting drugs.The more frightening part of the article is that persons detained can be held for days without being under arrest unable to call a lawyer nor family. And from the above statistics, it's clear that anyone could be stopped and searched even though little evidence exists that they actually possess fact Customs can search anyone based on 'reasonable suspicion' and nothing more according to the article. Customs has lost several lawsuits in recent years do to the emotional trama and even physical injuries resulting from failed searches of innocent flyers.
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