Lax Marijuana Laws Baffle Tourists 

Lax Marijuana Laws Baffle Tourists 
Posted by CN Staff on July 18, 2002 at 10:55:24 PT
By Alison Appelbe, National Post 
Source: National Post 
Vancouver - B.C.'s largest city is so renowned for its tolerance of marijuana, many tourists assume selling the drug is legal, say employees at marijuana-related businesses. "There's no open buying and selling in Vancouver, yet unfortunately a lot of people come with that impression," said Scott Hearty at the B.C. Marijuana Party headquarters and bookstore, one of a dozen legal hemp-friendly businesses.
Frequently asked where to buy the drug, he said he prefaces his remarks with a "buyer beware" spiel, then adds: "Walk around for half an hour and you're going to be approached by half-a-dozen people trying to sell it to you."Further fuelling such tourism is an article in the summer issue of New-York-based High Times magazine that rates Vancouver the best international destination for tolerance and availability of the cannabis weed.Titled "High Places," the article singles out Vancouver for its physical setting, outdoor activities and public realm in which the consumption of marijuana is unlikely to attract police attention. It also claims marijuana is widely grown, stating: "Having an indoor grow-room in the city is almost as common as having a den."The High Times article rates Amsterdam, where marijuana can be purchased legally, the second-best destination after Vancouver, followed by Barcelona, the Lake Lugano region of Europe and centres in Jamaica and Thailand.While Tourism Vancouver does not promote the marijuana culture, executive vice-president Paul Vallee said visitors are drawn to a relatively easy-going lifestyle, and if marijuana is involved, so be it."People come here for the same reasons that people live here. It's about life and attitudes."Snipped: Complete Article: National Post (Canada)Author: Alison Appelbe, National Post Published: Thursday, July 18, 2002Copyright: 2002 Southam Inc.Contact: letters nationalpost.comWebsite: Article & Web Sites:High Times Magazine Marijuana Party Links Picks Vancouver as Pot Lover's Paradise
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Comment #2 posted by Herbdoc215 on July 18, 2002 at 17:59:01 PT:
Naaps, I concur 200%
 That was very well put as this place has much more to offer than seeing one street, and even then that is spreading to Commercial St. since Renee and Ken's wife open their store not to mention a few others in area. BUT it's a shame tourist must slink in alley's with junkies and hard drug dealers here to score a few grams of doobage. If most folks will ease back and actually talk to some people at these establishments then I am sure somebody will hook them up. Just don't any amatures try to bring any back over border now as it's hotter than a two dollar whore and pigs have a hard-on now trying to prove we are moving weed to states in big numbers- it would be very easy to get in way over your head now ( being busted is no fun, I know? ). It won't be long though before we have it legal up here, I can hear the chunks falling off this wall all the way to my house and were so far out we gotta pump in sunshine! We are preparing a place here for MANY more of you that we know will be coming soon now that Gestapo have complete control. This will be this centuries first Underground Railroad, gives me goose bumps just thinking about it- this will be our finest hour as a culture to maintain our humanity in the face of this genocidal onslaught. Peace, Steven Tuck in exile 
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Comment #1 posted by Naaps on July 18, 2002 at 12:54:25 PT
The Baffled Tourists
It depends on what you expect. Come to Vancouver because the exchange rate is attractive, and you want to head up to Whistler for snowboarding, or have another destination in mind, and just happen to stumble upon a pot friendly establishment, well then, you may be confused trying to reconnoiter the differences of tolerance with that from your home situation. On the other hand, come to Vancouver because you’ve seen POT-TV, or read in High Times that pot is everywhere, then you would have another opinion to change.Yes, Vancouver is fairly pot tolerant. Smoking it on the beach, at a concert, along the sidewalk, isn’t a big deal. Smoke it near a school, playground, or daycare center probably will elicit a less tolerant response.The main center for the Cannabis crowd is along the 300 Block of Hastings Street. There you have the Marijuana Party Bookstore, Blunt Brothers, the Amsterdam Café, Cabbage and Kinks. These are cannabis smoking tolerant places, but you are expected to come prepared with your own stash. To obtain some pot it may be necessary to walk around the block, though buying on the street often means you get less than you pay for. The street pot is usually decent and some is very good. Preferable, for a visitor who is going to be in Canada for some time would be to obtain a larger amount via the services of a trusted Cannabis enthusiast. For example, if you're in town for a week or more, buy a quarter ounce or more. Very good, crystal laden pot costs approximately $200 Canadian per ounce. Considering that a quarter of comparable quality pot sells in the US for $100 in US funds, well, why not splurge? One thing that I like to do, though it doesn’t happen often due to family priorities, is go to a place like Blunt Brothers, play chess, smoke, and meet people. Often, I met people from Japan or America, and it is always refreshing to hear their perspective on things. 
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