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  Hemp Aid 2000
Posted by FoM on May 26, 2000 at 09:03:58 PT
Rainbow Farm Campground - May 26 - 29th 
Source: Ballot 2000 A full weekend of music, pro-hemp speakers, hemp vendors, camping and fun. This is a very special HEMP AID as the signature campaign for the PRA2000 ballot referendum to legalize marijuana in Michigan will be in full swing. HEMP AID 2000 will be the rallying point for every group and individual in Michigan who supports and is working for the PRA2000 effort.

If you are a Michigan resident and haven't signed the PRA2000 initiative yet, this is the time and place to do it. There will be roughly 45 days remaining to gather signatures as of the date of this event, so a MAJOR effort will be made at HEMP AID 2000 to organize everyone in the state for a concentrated "home stretch" signature campaign for the last 45 days of the campaign. Come to HEMP AID 2000 and take part in the making of history.


Greg Schmid - PRA2000 Director
Steve Hager - Editor, High Times Magazine
John Sinclair - The Godfather of Michigan pot politics
Gatewood Galbraith - America's last FREE man
Adam Brook - Ann Arbor's HASH BASH organizer
Elvy Musikka - Medical Marijuana Recipient/Activist
Marvin Marvin - "He's Famous Famous"
Tom Ness - Publisher of Jamrag Magazine & Green Party candidate for US Senate
Tom Crosslin, Doug Leinbach and Derrik DeCraene of Rainbow Farm
Plus many others TBA

Rainbow Farm Campground
In Vandalia, Michigan
Presents: HEMP AID 2000

Memorial Day Weekend (May 26 - 29)
Copyright 1999, Rainbow Farm

Ballot 2000

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