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Welcome to CannabisNews Chat

This chat room was created for Cannabis News contributors to discuss current drug laws and as a place to talk about issues of interest concerning reform. This is a moderated chat room. Please show respect for one another and the chat will grow and serve a good purpose for many.

While the chat room is always open, the suggested time for activists to join in is from 4 p.m to about 6:30 p.m. PST

Right now it is 07:40:48 AM.

CannabisNews uses the Melange Chat Server. It requires a Java capable browser such as Netscape or MS Internet Explorer 3.x or better.

Though similar, it is NOT an Internet Relay Chat (IRC) server and it is NOT compatible with IRC clients such as mIRC.

It is possible to connect to the chat server with most MUD/MOO clients at (IP address, port 8002.

MUSHClient for Windows by Gammon Software Solutions works well.

Rapscallion is a good Macintosh client.

There are other Mac clients at the Mac Orchard but we can not specifically  recommend any of them.